FS Style Stars

Chief Executive Officer

Saqlain Haider has been the driving force behind the house of Faiza Saqlain. With his strategic leadership and prolific insight in business, Mr. Saqlain has been able to chart unparalleled success for the brand. His firm belief in teamwork and adhering to the brand's core values has catapulted Faiza Saqlain to the forefront of fashion.

Creative Director

Faiza Saqlain remains distinguished in the industry for her distinctive sense of style reflecting olden traditions. With over a decade of unparalleled mastery and excellence in her field, Faiza has exerted profound influence on the fashion couture landscape of Pakistan and has single handedly redefined the art of made to measure. With design ethos rooted in heritage and craft, Faiza continues to push the envelope and create pieces that are timeless, traditional and forever classics.

“Faiza Saqlain’s designs capture the essence of sophisticated luxury, inspirit femininity and glamour.”